At Qandeel, we’ve made it our vocation to welcome travelers into our home, and to offer them an experience unlike any other—the opportunity to learn about the scents, textures, and flavors of Palestine in the best way possible…by doing!
Salesian Stairs, Star Street, Old City, Bethlehem

Qandeel Guest House

Qandeel- Dar Botto delights its visitors with a great learning and hospitable experience of a fascinating historical origins and truly joyful vacation. The Guest in Qandeel- Dar Botto is not any anonymous guest, but is a member of our family.

The story of Qandeel - Dar Botto Guest House

Dar Botto The house of Botto Family is an old traditional house that goes back to more than one hundred years ago. The rehabilitation of Dar Botto, revealed the history of a family and a place. During the renovation works of Dar Botto Guest house, we found and old Qandeel (lantern) under the rubble. It is believed that the Botto family used the Qandeel in old days to light the way for night passersby, as the house is located on the crossroads of a bustling street on top of a hill. To keep the memory of the Qandeel alive, we named the house after it as Qandeel- Dar Botto.

Discover Dar Botto Guest house that goes back to more than one hundred years ago. That is located on Star Street, the Route of the Patriarchs in the historic core of Bethlehem. You will be in the heart of the Ottoman city and a stone throw away from the traditional Market Place and Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity.

Dar Botto Guest house, offers authentic original interiors and delightful hospitality. An experience that you will not forget. Welcome to Dar Botto!