At Qandeel, we’ve made it our vocation to welcome travelers into our home, and to offer them an experience unlike any other—the opportunity to learn about the scents, textures, and flavors of Palestine in the best way possible…by doing!
Salesian Stairs, Star Street, Old City, Bethlehem

Shop & Cook

Explore our hundreds year-old market and discover new flavors through our Palestinian cooking class right in the heart in the Bethlehem’s Old City.

Price: $80 per person

Why settle for a souvenir when you can learn the tricks of the trade? We begin at the Old City Open Air Market (souq) amidst the spice sacks and fresh fruit stalls, learning about the diverse ingredients critical to Palestinian cooking. After enjoying the sights, sounds, scents (and flavors!) of the souq, we return to our home kitchen (a charming 10-15 minute walk through the Old City’s cobblestone streets) and prepare an unforgettable Palestinian meal.

Please inform us in advance of any allergies or dietary preferences so that our Chef can plan the menu accordingly.

Ask us about our group pricing and discounts at info@qandeel.ps

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